San Ignacio or Santa Elena Belize

Discussion in 'Belize' started by CaliforniaLove, Mar 11, 2010.

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    hey guys,

    Out of the two towns, which one do you think is more popular and how far are they from each other..Also, if i decided to take a day trip from Belize City, how far would that be and can i reach the town?
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    hi there,

    Santa Elena is the sister town of San Ignacio Belize and they are the country's most popular inland tourist destination as you can enjoy impressive Maya ruins, forested hiking trails, curious caves, and beautiful butterfly gardens.

    I would say that San Ignacio is the more important of the two towns, and it's where most tourists base themselves, and the Macal River is what separates the two.

    You can get to San Ignacio by heading west on the aptly named Western Highway from Belize City.

    It's just about 70 miles and a 90 minute's drive and by bus, it's about a 2 ½ -hour trip.
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    Definitely San Ignacio is the place to be as there's much more going on in the town, lots of places to eat and things to do where as Santa Elena is a much more quiet place with a lot less options.

    A day trip from Belize City is possible but its a helluva drive for just a day, a better option is to plan on spending an overnight or even 2 nights as theres loads to do there.

    If you are on a time contraint a closer option for a day trip from Belize City is a day cave tubing and a visit to the zoo lots of time for that and not too far from the city.

    Gaz Cooper

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