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    Hi, My friend and I are planning a vacation to San Juan in late August and thinking of to stay at outside of the old town for 5 nights, looking for info. on nice hotels, but couldn't find any. I'm in the process of planning, so please refer some of the good hotels in San Juan to help our trip planning. we would love to hear any advice from you all!
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    From resorts to service apartments, San Juan has a great choice of accommodation and Coqui del Mar, Caribe Hilton Hotel Condado and Comfort Inn Condado are some of the nice San Juan hotels which are located outside of the old town, but very close to Ocean Park beach.

    San Juan is very popular for it's widest beach fronts, casinos and nightclubs. I had a lovely time at Ocean Park Beach during my Puerto Rico vacation, because it's uncrowded and perfect for a relaxing break. I really enjoyed the lounging on the beach sand, watersports and Jogging on the shores. No San Juan tour is complete with visiting the Caparra ruins which is located in Guaynabo, a town just south of San Juan. So don't miss this place during your San Juan trip, and have a great time.

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