Sandusky island ferry

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by Olamycat, May 12, 2015.

  1. Olamycat

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    The fastest way to Put-in-Bay and Kelleys island is by hopping on the Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Line or Jet Express. The round trip fare is around $23. By the way, if you love bird watching you will enjoy Kelleys island as multitudes of migrating birds use this island as a base to cross Lake Erie.
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    getting to put in bay from cleveland

    I visited put in bay from cleveland last year by taking the Ohio Route 53 North for the car ferry. For the passenger ferry, you need to take the Ohio Route 2 West to then exit 163 North Port Clinton (I think the company was jet express).
  3. Bertulioff

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    Jet Express operates from Port Clinton and not far from them another operator services the Put-in Bay route which is the Miller boat line. I believe Miller's ferry is cheaper and offers free parking.

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