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Discussion in 'Chile' started by froggies, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. froggies

    froggies New Member

    hi all, when is the best time to visit Santiago, i'm planning a vacation to Chile before end of this year, so recommend some time from Sep. to Dec.also suggest some important events during this period, and interesting places in and around Santiago Chile, does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for this area?
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    If you have decided your Santiago vacation between September and December, then it will be the perfect time. Because this city's wet season lasts in August and from September the weather gets pleasant for climbing, diving, walking and swimming in the beach. Also even you can visit any city of Chile during this time.
    Santiago has many events year around and the patriotic national festival is held in every September which offers ethnic games, musical performances and cueca dancing. May be you could join this festival. In addition visit Atacama desert and Easter Island if you get time during your Chile trip.
  3. froggies

    froggies New Member

    It's good to see a nice reply, thanks. how long is the Easter Island from Santiago, so that i'll plan accordingly..
  4. westerner

    westerner New Member

    hi, from Santiago, the flight trip takes 5 hours to Easter Island. And the Flights are available 3 times a week, to and from Santiago, hope this helps!
  5. froggies

    froggies New Member

    oh, thanks, it's quite less flying time, then I can visit Easter Island as well. I'm going to book my trip in November, so that it will be perfect.
  6. davew

    davew New Member

    hi froggies, Easter Island is truly a fantastic place and November is a great month to explore this island. When I visited last November, the Chile weather was very pleasant. The mysterious stone figures and stunning caves were the highlights of my Chile vacation. But be sure to keep a torch with you when you visit the caves, it was so dark. The Hanga Roa town in Easter Island has a good hotel and many restaurants and really I loved the traditional lobster, it was very delicious, hope you too like it. Stay there and explore the surroundings of Hanga Roa by horseback riding. yes, horseback riding is the best option
    to get around the town, but better start early in the morning. Have a nice trip&good luck!
  7. yahoolarry

    yahoolarry New Member

    hello froggies,when you are headed to Easter Island,you must visit the Hanga Roa, it's capital of Easter Island and a popular harbour of Chile.I have been to Easter Island twice during Tapati festival and the attrations are unforgettable here, especially the Anakena Beach & the Moai.The Tapati festival is held every year during summer and covers several weeks at the end of January to February. If you like to attend this popular Easter Island event, then just make your reseervations far in advance.because at this time, the hotels and other lodging places will be full.even i found difficulties to book accommodation during Tapati Festival :)
  8. froggies

    froggies New Member

    Easter Island's Tapati festival, quite interesting, i'll try to take part in it, many thanks.

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