Santo Tomas de Castilla

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    Welcome to the coastal port city of Santo Tomas de Castilla. You'll find this charming town on the Amatique Bay, so you can expect to have some amazing beaches and plenty of blue skies to enjoy. You'll also find Mayan ruins to visit, river cruises, Spanish colonial architecture, and more to enjoy. Have you had a chance to visit Santo Tomas de Castilla?
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    love Santo Tomas de Castilla

    I went to Santo Tomas on a cruise last year, and loved it! We did a shore excursion into the rain forest, which tool all day. The only regret I had was that we didn't have enough time to see the town, sample the local food or visit the ruins. Next time we're going we plan to hire a private tour guide at the pier and spent the day touring ruins, banana plantations, and the Rio Dulce region.
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    That sounds like a very cool shore excursion! It's really easy to run out of it's good that you're planning to go back. A tour of the banana plantations sounds like a must-do!

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