Sarajevo airport to Medjugorje

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    Transportation options from Sarajevo airport include taxis, buses and trains. The best way to travel from Sarajevo airport to Medjugorje is by taxi because it's comfortable. Taxi will cost 100 Euros but you can always catch a ride awith other tourists and share the fare. Buses are cheaper but they take 2 to 3 hours from Sarajevo , which is long.
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    There are reliable 24/7 airport taxi transfers (mini van or mini bus taxis) at Sarajevo airport who will take you to Medjugorje in a safe and comfortable way, but like the OP says if there is a group on your flight that's going to Medjugorje ask them because Im sure they will be happy to let you ride along into town for little or nothing.
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    you can also travel by public transfer bus from Sarajevo airport to Medjugorje but it's complicated. From Sarajevo Airport go to the bus station in the center of Sarajevo and then get a bus to Mostar. When you get to Mostar, get another bus or taxi to Medjugorje.
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    I remember when i first landed in Sarajevo stroke me how small but cozy the airport was. there is bus service offered by Centrotrans and GRAS bus companies from the airport to the city. Forget about cabs because you will get ripped you off (keep your eyes on the meter because most do not even turn on the meter, lol)

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