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Discussion in 'Saudi Arabia' started by AlcatrazAOL, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. AlcatrazAOL

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    im planning a trip early next year to Saudi Arabia and was wondering what it might be like flying with Saudi Airlines? are they the cheapest and reliable? if not what other airlines would you suggest flying to to Saudi Arabia?
  2. The80'srock!

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    Saudi Arabian airlines vs BA

    to be honest, both Saudi Arabian airlines and British Airwaves are good options for traveling to Saudi Arabia. but if I were you I'd choose flying with BA. It may be more expensive but you wont have to put up with lengthy stopovers because British Airways has direct flights to Saudi when flying from the UK.
  3. shius-lie2

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    flying to Saudi Arabia advice

    It doesnt matter who you fly with..the most important thing about flying to Saudi Arabia is to know the country's rules and regulations. Even as a tourist you can end up getting caught-up in deep water when discussing religion, politics, the Saudi monarchy, terrorism, security. Some people that travel there think Saudi Arabia is relaxed but they consider these controversial issues and extremely sensitive matters. Consider yourselves warned;)

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