Saving money in Argentina

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by 3april, Jul 16, 2015.

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    If you're traveling to Argentina on a tight budget, be sure to travel there in the low season months: March-June and September-November. Once you are there, head to buffet restaurants (called tenedor libre) and don't be overcharged. Always pay in the local currency, not in dollars.
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    The biggest saving you can definitely have is getting a cheap flight to Argentina. Also, travel as much as you can by bus in Argentina , which not only are cheaper but also very comfortable with plenty of leg room, nice meal services, free wine, etc.
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    Not long ago, a good way to save money was exchanging your dollars in the so-called blue market. Back then, you could get 10 pesos per $1 but currently, the official rate is $1 gives you 9.19 pesos, so you no longer can save this way, unless you do it in the dodgy white market.

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