saving money in Florence

Discussion in 'Italy' started by wantJok, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. wantJok

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    To save a bundle in Florence when seeing the sights, get the Firenze Card, which will admits you to more than 50 museums for 70 euros ($99 USD). You dont have to get the Firenze Card, but you'll need to buy the new 10-euro ($14 USD) combo-ticket, which will work more expensive for multiple sights.
  2. r&b

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    my best tip is to go and eat where locals do..avoid those nice overly expensive tourist restaurants who will bleed you for all your money and no offer quality food. Also, best you get a guide book instead of paying for an expensive Florence sightseeing tour.
  3. C'monBal

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    The best way to save money is not spending any...when I go to tourist places like Florence and Rome I always look for the free attractions and try to be on foot as much as I can. Florence is an architectural treasure trove with many beautiful buildings which house lovely artworks.

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