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    what are some of the popular ways to enjoy Scandinavia travels and which ones could you suggest? thank you!
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    hi there,

    There are a number of great ways to enjoy Scandinavia travels such as organized Scandinavia tours and cruises to Scandinavia.

    The Swedish Laplands are one of the last true wildernesses left on the planet, and Scandinavia travels into the Artic Circle are a great way to spend your holiday.

    Baltic and other types of cruises to Scandinavia can showcase the northern lights, and a trip to Stockholm can be a great way to wrap up your trip with some modern comfort.

    Baltic cruises to Scandinavia are one famously popular way to travel to Scandinavia. Most Scandinavia tours of this kind make stops at the port of Kalmar on the Baltic Sea, as well as the island of Oland.

    Hope this helps

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