Scenic Drives in Arizona

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  1. Vicolette

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    Arizona has a diverse landscape that provides travellers with scenic drives through desert and lush forests and past valleys, mountains and Indian ruins. You can camp, fish, hike, observe wildlife, and ski along the way. Here are a few suggestions to consider next time you're in Arizona .

    Cottonwood to Clarkdale
    Coronado Trail
    White Mountain Scenic Road
    White River
    Prescott to Seligman
    Beaver Creek
    Horseshoe Reservoir to Middle Verde River
    Heber to Mogollon Rim
  2. hevydevy

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    best scenic drive in Arizona

    you missed out the Apache trail in your list. For me, the Apache trail offers the best scenic drive in Arizona because of the winding curves and stunning vistas of the Superstition Mountains. Saying this, if you're not used to driving off-road be in the know that this trail has about 30 miles of unpaved road, and 3 miles of it being only one lane!
  3. Vicolette

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    I see it used to be a stagecoach route. Looks like both a picturesque drive and an adventure rolled into one! Thanks for adding Apache Trail to the list.
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    oak creek canyon scenic drives

    my favorite scenic drive is along oak creek canyon because it runs through the coconino forest (between sedona and flagstaff arizona). Besides getting great canyon views, you can also camp pout, do trout fishing, hike, and even swim (in the "slide rock" swimming area).
  5. gates8888

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    There is also Bill William's Mountain road, a beautiful drive experience indeed:)

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