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Discussion in 'Costa Rica' started by likethat2, Nov 24, 2010.

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    im planning a trip to costa Rica next year and I was wondering when the best time is for scuba diving and best visibility? has anyone scuba dived in Costa Rica and where are the popular spots to go to and marine life that we can expect to see?
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    Catalina Islands, Bat Islands and Tamarindo are three of the best places for scuba diving in Costa Rica because of the abundance of diving spots where you can see a lots of marine creatures.

    For instance, in the Catalina Islands, there are more than 30 different diving spots where you can explore beautiful coral reefs, barracudas and giant sea turtles; while in Bat Islands you'll be able to spot the elusive whale sharks and Manta Rays.

    The visibility in these waters are also excellent all year around, ranging from 20 to 60 feet, though be prepared for the occasionally strong current since some of these locations are 3 to 8 miles out at sea.

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