SeaWorld to end orca shows

Discussion in 'California' started by d360, Nov 10, 2015.

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    SeaWorld announced they will end its orca shows at its San Diego park by 2017. The decision to end shows would be limited for now to the SeaWorld San Diego park, the original home of Shamu. Orca shows at its other parks, including in San Antonio and Orlando, will continue.

    This comes after the announcement Oct 11th The California Coastal Commission unanimously approved SeaWorld's $100 million plan to double the size of its killer whale habitat, despite the pleas of animal activists to release the behemoths into the ocean.But the approval comes with a key condition: SeaWorld cannot breed any of the 11 whales in captivity in California.

    SeaWorld San Diego also announced that the company is considering adding hotels at several of its locations to attract overnight visitors, starting with San Diego. SeaWorld has reached an agreement with a San Diego-based hotelier to look at building a theme resort on its park property.
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    Interesting that they are doing this. I wished this was done for also zoos across the world because it's a terrible thing to keep anything captive. I stopped going to zoos, animal shows for years now. honestly, there's no need for places like these to exist.
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    For real, if people what to see animals in their habitat, they need to save money and go and travel those places that don't involve having them in a jail. When this started I watched the documentary of BlackFish, wow that is really touchy.
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    This is really good news!

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