self-driven trips in 2016

Discussion in 'UK' started by talesofthe, Dec 22, 2015.

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    A travel company called Wilderness Scotland is introducing next year 6-7-day self-driven trips that allow for both independent travel along with the expertise of private guides on excursions. Destinations include the Isle of Skye and the northwest Highlands, with canoeing, cycling, sea kayaking and hiking, plus two nights at Inverlochy Castle. Most trips are six nights and start at £1,225 ($1,786) a person
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    Sounds like a good idea but when I go on vacation I normally book my tours locally with locals rather than a company. There's always something more authentic and real when going this route, I find. By the way, Scotland is such a magical place...makes me think of games of thrones!
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    A decent hint but when I go on holiday I usually reserve my trips in the neighborhood with natives pretty than a corporation. There's continuously something additional reliable and actual when going this way, I discover. By the way, Scotland is such an enchanted place
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    Nice information about trip...
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