Senior bike tours in Albania

Discussion in 'Albania' started by Vee, May 6, 2012.

  1. Vee

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    I was recently asked if I knew anything about guided bike tours for seniors in Albania. I don't have any info other than searching the I-net. Here are the questions that need firsthand insight. The starting point will be in or near Tirana.

    Is the area safe?
    Are people friendly?
    Is the trip strenuous?
    Do you need to be really fit and in good physical condition to take the tour?
    On average, how many miles can one expect to ride in a day?
    How much interaction is there with local residents?
  2. DaneDegale

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    cycling in Albania

    during my trip to Albania I spent the last two days cycling up over countless of beautiful hills and the roads were flat and nicely even to ride on without pot holes.Watch out though if you decide to drive on main roads and intersections because many of them dont have traffic lights so, cars, bikers and pedestrians are left to fend for themselves.
  3. Vicolette

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    Thanks for the first hand information. From the little research I did, the countryside looks like a beautiful ride across flat surfaces and some hilly areas. Seems like it would be a nice tour for most everyone.
  4. DwayeBuck

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    driving in Albania

    hete it's my two cents.. if you decided to go to Albania for a biking or driving tour, you have to be aware that the mountain roads of Tirana are very dangerous. In fact, during my travels in the country I got to see overturned trucks almost gone over the edge so be careful.

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