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    Im looking for suggestions on best places for doing Seychelles bird watching, is Mahe a good place?
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    hi there,

    The main island of Mahe, which is the ideal springboard for island-hopping excursions of all kinds, is one of the best places for Seychelles bird watching.

    Bird Island, which is found relatively close to other granitic islands such as La Digue, is a great place to watch Sooty Terns, Fairy Terns, Saunders Terns, and Terns of other varieties.

    As a whole, the granitic islands of the Seychelles are utterly breathtaking, and they are certainly ideal for birdwatchers of all ranks.

    If you are a serious birder, trips to the coralline islands of the Seychelles should also be considered. The coralline islands of the Seychelles, such as Farquhar, Aldabra Island, and the Amirantes, are less-developed and harder to reach, though if you can get to them, they can be excellent places to view some of the fascinating Seychelles birds.

    Hope this helps
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    You also can find birds at the Vallee de Mai Reserve, which is so important, the since has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The grove of pristine palm trees provides a home for swiftlets, sunbirds, and blue pigeons, among other species. All are amazing!
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    Seychelles birding spots

    Sans Souci is a good place for seeing some of the Seychelles' rarec birds like the blue pigeon, white-tailed tropic bird, Seychelles kestrel and Seychelles scops owl. Another superb birding spot is in the high ground of Morne Blanc.

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