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    Hi there!

    Planning for a week trip to Aldabra, Denis Island and Praslin Island. How to get into Denis Island from Aldabra? Let me know the mode of transport, approx cost & time if possible. Any guidance on things to see & do? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated...Thanks.
  2. Andrew

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    Seychelles is a such a wonderful place with 100's of tropical islands. Last June, I had a very memorable 1 week vacation at Praslin. Praslin is the most famous island to enjoy a quiet & nice Seychelles vacation. Denis Island & Praslin island are accessible through Mahe which is the capital of Seychelles. You can go from Aldabra to Mahe, then you reach Denis Island within 30 mins by flight, or you can also go by boat if you like to travel in the sea. Island hopper flights take you within 15 minutes from Mahe to Praslin. Check out flights for more details. There are plenty of things to do & see across Seychelles for beach and water lovers. Island hopping is one of the best things to do in Seychelles, so pre-book online and explore as many islands as you can. Have a nice trip.
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    La Digue is also the most beautiful island in Seychelles in terms of attractions, beautiful beaches, nice coves etc. La Digue offers a great range of activities including fishing, snorkeling, bike excursions, hiking, diving, nature walks and surfing. Check out La Digue Hotels if you're looking for nice hotels.
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    La Digue offers the most memorable dining experiences too! Especially the Loutier Coco restaurant serves a great variety of items for lunch including grilled fish, spiced octopus curry in coconut milk, roasted pork and various types of salads with papaya & mango. The Le Nautique waterfront restaurant is also a nice place to have dinner. Try fish tacos here, it was delicious!

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