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    what are your thoughts in Seychelles weddings and has anyone ever got married there. I know Seychelles is a wonderful place and we're considering our wedding there. Also, what is the legal process like?
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    hi there,

    One of the best things about getting married in Seychelles is the fact that the honeymoon can begin immediately after the ceremony is over. Instead of hopping on a plane to some destination after you wed, you'll be able to start celebrating your honeymoon straight away.

    Seychelles weddings legal process is relatively easy to manage. While you can arrange for a religious wedding in Seychelles, it generally takes a lot more work. Anglican and Catholic weddings are generally the kinds of religious weddings that the Seychelles Civil Authorities allow, though you'll first have to petition either the Anglican or Catholic churches in the capital city of Victoria.

    Also, when it comes to religious Seychelles weddings, it is required that you submit the necessary paperwork at least 3 months in advance. You'll also have to have a civil wedding first, either back home or in the Seychelles.

    Hope this helps

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