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Discussion in 'Hawaii' started by victorbritts, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. victorbritts

    victorbritts New Member

    Hello all

    actually i am going to Hawaii in month of September with my family but don't know much about this place so if any one have visited before then share your view and suggest me what the thing is really good in Hawaii and from where i can enjoy a lot?..
  2. wonderland99

    wonderland99 New Member

    first time in Hawaii

    by the sounds of it, it seems as you're already booked your flights...where in Hawaii are you planning to stay? Dont be deceived, Hawaii may be small but there are lots of tourist activities you can do such as going to
    Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head Hike, Polynesian Culture Center and Waimea Park. I also sugest touring the neightborhood of Honolulu, Ewa Beach and Kailua.
  3. callofduty5

    callofduty5 New Member

    when going to Hawaii i would avoid renting a car and using the bus as much as you can. You will meet lots of people that way and get to talk to locals about nice places to eat and places to visit. You can catch the bus anywhere in the big island since the Bus goes all over the island. Also, be sure you get a 4-day works out ever cheaper! (btw, ouu can get the passes at any ABC store there in Waikiki)
  4. onlyyou

    onlyyou New Member

    no matter where you stay you will love it in Hawaii. I had great experiences in Hawaii and I remember the first time I went there on vacation. No matter where I was driving I had the ocean right in front of me. I think that is the beauty of living on a small island like Hawaii. The beach is just a stone-throw away!
  5. 6centers

    6centers New Member

    went to Hawaii as a kid

    The first time I went to Hawaii I was only 10 years old but I remember it like it was yesterday. We were visiting family there and I remember very vividly landing in Honolulu and being greeted with a Fresh flower Lei by my uncle. I've been 4 more times to Hawaii ever since and I still love it there but I would advise anyone to stay off of Waikiki Beach to save money and avoid the tourist crowd.
  6. typical-situation2

    typical-situation2 New Member

    Hawaii is changing rapidly

    Hawaii isn't the same as I remember it 6 years ago. One good example is the canefields that were on the Ewa end of Waikiki, which are now gone and replaced by houses. Hawaii is def changing and it'll be a very different place in another 10 years. My advice to anyone wanting to travel to Hawaii is to do it now rather than later.

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