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Discussion in 'United Arab Emirates' started by geneY, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. geneY

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    hi all, i'll be in Sharjah in mid November and just wondering about things to do Sharjah and the transportation to get around. I'm coming with my 2 friends and we are mid 20's, so does anyone help us some interesting things to do in Sharjah? we don't have any idea on UAE transportation, do we need to rent a car, if so please recommend some cheap car rentals in Sharjah, we are interested in day tripping, so suggest some nice Sharjah attractions as well. advance thanks for any help.
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    Most of the Sharjah hotels offer car rental services and driving in Sharjah is an exciting experience. In UAE, the transportation facilities are plentiful, and you can easily arrange the car hire anywhere in UAE. Or just enquire in the front desk of the hotel in which you will stay and they'all arrange a rental car for you.

    As a third-largest emirate of UAE, Sharjah offers wonderful tourism spots and funfilled beaches. There are plenty things to do and see in Sharjah and Some of the interesting places of Sharjah are Government House, Sharjah Corniche, the Al Mahatta Aviation Museum & numerous house museums, the old Al Arsah souk and Blue Souq. The scenic desert trip and mountain drive across Sharjah is the most popular acvtivities, so don't miss them as well the delicious Arabian food. Most of the tourists love dining in Sharjah as it offers best restaurants with mouth watering food of Arabia. The local food of Sharjah is very spicy and especially I loved the grilled fish. Hope you too:). Have a nice vaction in Sharjah!
  3. geneY

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    Everything is absolutely fine, thanks. i'm hoping to spend atleast a week in Sharjah, let us see, how it goes..

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