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Discussion in 'Egypt' started by bizda, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. bizda

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    hi all! my friend is planning a holiday to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in August for 1 week. It will be their first visit and they need info. on Shar el Sheikh hotels with all inclusive and near the beach. Could anyone been there, if so can you recommend a nice Sharm el Sheikh hotel for them please!
  2. Andrew

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    hi, I too like to stay near the beach anywhere I go and during my Sharm el Sheikh tour, I have stayed in Savoy hotel Sharm El Sheikh. It is located on the beach in the Om El Sid Hill area and very near to the airport. It was pretty, but little expensive with facilities including air conditioning, swimming pool and a poolside snack bar.

    If your friend is a scuba diver, then Sharm el Sheikh is a perfect spot for him to enjoy scuba diving. The weather in Sharm el Sheikh is great too for having family holidays, so go in summer and have more fun.
  3. someone

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    i, hThe Four Seasons resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is also a good option, but little expensive. It has luxurious rooms, spa & fitness facilities and dining service as well. They also offer day tours to explore the sights around Sharm El Sheikh.Some of the places I have visited during my stay here are Bedouin of Sinai, Nabq Managed Resource, Ras Mohammed and St.Catherine’s Monastery.Also don't forget to go for a camel ride through the dessert.You can explore the dessert in the evening and view the sun down in the afternoon creating beautiful shades on the rough mountains. So don't miss it!
  4. bizda

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    hi, thanks for the assistance.very spotty and my friend will be checking the availability tomorrow and let you know.

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