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Discussion in 'Qatar' started by Amid, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Amid

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    Hey guys,

    This July we'll be heading to Dubai for a 20 days stay and we've got our itinerary pretty much figured out. The only thing im not sure is about the shopping...people say that shopping in Qatar is cheaper than Dubai. Is this true? if so where would suggest shopping?
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    This is true! Neighboring Dubai is way to expensive as it is very touristy. Your best bet for cheap middle-eastern souvenirs is Qatar.

    At the Doha Market you can get anything from handcrafted gold jewelry and Indian teak wood furniture to electronic gadgets, computers, and traditional Japanese toys.

    I you into antiques such as daggers, you can head towards the Souq Waqif or browse through the Gold Souq to buy beautiful cartouches.

    For a bit of high-end shopping, head to the Hyatt Plaza, which is one of the finest shopping centers in Qatar, selling anything from designer clothes, jewelry, and perfumes.
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    A lot of the shopping areas in Qatar carry items from abroad, including apparel and shoes from France and Italy. There's a combination of traditional markets and modern shopping where you can find a variety of items. The shopkeepers are the traditional markets are okay with haggling, and often expect it.

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