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    We're traveling this year for the first time to Guatemala and I wanted to get a good idea of popular Guatemalan goods to shop for and general shopping tips? Also, do you think the best shopping is done in Guatemala City or in smaller towns?:)
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    hi there,

    Shopping in Guatemala City offers a wider variety of shops and markets but if you truly want to get quality traditional Guatemalan goods, head to one of the smaller nearby towns to purchase indigenous crafts and clothing items.

    Also, one good thing about the markets in smaller towns is that bargaining is common at most marketplaces so you can get good deals. In the other hand, most shops in Guatemala City bargaining is not the norm.

    Chichicastenango is the most famous of Guatemala markets and a great place to get lovely foods and hand-crafted goods like high-quality weavings and wood-carved items.

    To give you an idea, popular items to shop for in Guatemala include:

    -Leather goods
    -jade and silver jewelry
    -wood carvings
  3. The most impressive shopping destination in Guatemala City is defintly the Mercado Central . An underground consumer center, it was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1976. Specializing in handicraft, leather, and regional clothing items, other products worth purchase include fish and vegetables. Check for stalls specializing in jade sculpture or ceramics if you seek to bring home souvenirs that will be harder to find elsewhere.
    hope this helped!

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