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Discussion in 'Bermuda' started by travelman12, May 5, 2010.

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    hi guys, shopping in Bermuda is one of the things we've added on the list of things to do there, and i'd like your input if that's ok. what can we expect from markets and shops in general, where to go and what things to buy are popular there?
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    hi there,

    The shopping scene in Bermuda is relaxed and not as pushy as other places so, you'll enjoy shopping around.
    Things like fine china, Irish linens, and English woolen goods are just a few products that you can buy when enjoying a Bermuda shopping trip.

    However, the jewelry there it's what makes shopping in Bermuda popular. If you're in Hamilton City, head to Front Street and nearby St George's Town in St Georges Parish, as they offer plenty of shopping opportunities.

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