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    we'd like to spare a couple of days of our Dublin vacation for shopping...what kind of shopping scene can we expect and where would suggest heading for finding best shops in Dublin?
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    Hi there,

    The city center has plenty of luxury boutiques and shops to suit all tastes. For instance, Grafton Street is lined with shops, spas, cafés, and upscale department stores.

    On Henry Street you'll find trendy shops such as Zara and H&M, while on Talbot Street you'll find discount shops.

    If you’re looking for traditional souvenirs full of shamrocks and Guinness ads, the stores along O’Connell Street will also be a good place to look.

    Hope this helps
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    if best is the most expensive for you, go to Grafton street, the fifth most expensive street in the world.

    all designer clothes are there. visit the brown thomas store to find the latest glamorous designs at tremendous prices.

    enjoy your shopping :)

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