Shrimp Docks in Tampa

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    I've lived in Tampa Bay nearly 15 years and had never visited the Shrimp Docks at the Port of Tampa until yesterday when I purchased 5 pounds of fresh-caught, wild, Gulf of Mexico extra large shrimp at Superior Seafoods warehouse in the Port of Tampa (near Ybor City).

    The shrimp boats were docked and had already unloaded their catch with the shrimp boxed up and ready for the public. They also had scallops, bulldozer lobster, and shrimp in various sizes.

    All sales are cash only and the shrimp was $11/pound in 5 pound boxes. Versaggi Seafoods next door is soon to start selling shrimp in 2.5 pound boxes.

    Families were there checking out a real, active dock and for me, it was a unique experience.

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