sights to see along the Baltic coastline

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  1. JoniBalboa

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    hello, we're planning a cruise or vacation along the Baltic coastline this year. What does the Baltic sea-coast offer and what is there to see?
  2. Danny

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    The Baltic coastline boasts sandy beaches and breathtaking cliffs. If you plan to cruise the Baltic seacoast, you'll be able to explore the gentle fjords of Flensburg and Lübeck, and places like Wismar, Greifswald and the sandy beach island of Usedom.

    The Baltic coastline is also packed with traditional seaside resorts and tourist holiday amenities like health spa resorts.

    If you decide to explore further inland, the region boasts hills, lakes and many medieval old towns that you can explore on walking tours
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    see the biggest castle in Poland

    you definitely cannot miss visiting the town of Malbork. It's located on the right side of Nogat river and boasts buildings from communism times and an amazing medieval Castle that was built in the 14th century. I think it is one one of the biggest, if not the biggest castle in the Europe. It was built from red bricks and tall fortification walls and, best of all, you can go inside it!

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