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Discussion in 'Syria' started by leanne, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. leanne

    leanne New Member

    I am planning a visit to syria and was due to stay in damascus but would also like to visit aleppo.
    I was wondering if it is better to book a package hotel or if it would be cheaper to just book excursions at the hotel or just get into taxis.
    I am really unsure and any advice would be appreciated. Thank You
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    hi Leanne,

    Vacation packages are a good way to get everything bundled into one so you don't have to pay for things individually like food, flight tickets, tours, etc.

    Nowadays, almost all inclusive hotels offer some kind of tour and they're most likely include a visit to Alleppo Syria. Who are you planning to book with, if you don't mid me asking?
  3. leanne

    leanne New Member

    I havent booked anything as yet but have looked at a few companies online.
    i think i need to work out if it is cheaper to book a whole package holiday or just book tours. having never been on holiday i am worried about getting about and just getting into taxis. plus i would like to make the most of my time and not return feeling as if i missed out so maybe i should get a package.
    do you recommend any companies?
  4. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Hi Leanne,

    I would 100% go with a vacation package rather than booking tours there. It'll probably be cheaper booking tours once there, but it'll give you peace of mind knowing everything is booked up.

    There is a company called Exodus which do a 16 day holiday package that also includes your flight tickets and visits to Jordan so it's worth checking them out.
  5. leanne

    leanne New Member

    Thank you for that. I checked EXODUS out, but we are planning on going Turkey and Syria. Turkey for a small visit but a long one in Syria to take in as many sites as possible.
    Thanks for sure help
    Im still looking

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