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  1. daredevil908

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    If you want to sample authentic Singaporean food at reasonable prices, be sure to head to a local hawker centre such as Lau Pa Sat (on Raffles place) or Smith street in Chinatown. I personally prefer Chinatown because there is the Maxwell food centre opposite the Buddha tooth relic museum where you can visit the Tian Tian stall for chicken rice (my favorite).
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    I agree a trip to a hawker center is an absolute must when visiting Singapore. Maxwell Road (at the edge of Chinatown) is one of the best because it has tons of stalls (i think over 100 stalls). Smith Street is okay too but it's right in the center of Chinatown so it gets super packed.
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    singapore hawker centres tips

    To be honest, you can't go wrong with any hawker centre but I prefer going where the locals do. Cheap and delicious food. Don't forget though Hawker center seating is first come, first serve but you can reserve seats at any Hawker center buy buying a pack of tissues being sold by local ladies.
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    For me, Lau Pa Sat and Newton Circus is the best
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    Cheap and delicious food who wouldn't want that? :) I love Singapore because of hawker centers especially at night time when after work everyone is there enjoying their dinner and stories with their colleagues :)

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