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    you guys being to the Singapore Night Safari before? was is it like? can u share your experience?
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    hi there,

    The Singapore Night Safari consists of eight unique zones created to mimic the natural habitats of the many different species of animals.

    During the Singapore tour at the zoo, you will witness environments such as the rainforests in southeast Asia, the river valley in Nepal, the dense and verdant jungles of Burma, the African savanna, the pampas in South America, and much more.

    What makes this safari unique is that each evening a unique presentation of what animals naturally act like in the wild can be seen. Every evening there is a slightly different show as the varieties of animals come out.
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    Hi adbdb,
    Singapore night safari gives you a great experience for viewing animals at night. I have been to Singapore over 5 times and expereinced the Singapore night Safari twice. I saw tigers and other big cats feeding from just less than 1m away. Apart from admiring many animals, I was quite impressed by the atmosphere and the zoo set. It's a fully open air zoo in a tropical forest and can be explored by foot trails or by tram. I have done both, but liked the tram ride. The tram ride is about 40 mins and stopping constantly all along the way. Some animals get very close and you can even touch them. The Singapore night safari park has 8 different geographical zones and these eight different zones offer extraordinary experience. The Singapore Night Safari is really a wonderful family entertainment, they open from 7:30pm – 12midnight daily, so don't miss it.

    And if you get time just visit the Sentosa Island which is a resort destination located just 15 mins from the city. This island is accessed by bus, taxi or a cable car and you can enjoy the beachfront accommodation with full of recreational activities. Sentosa Island is filled with exotic beaches, aquariums, museums and offers rides, sport facilities, walking trails, discos and much more. Explore Singapore Night Safari as well as Sentosa Island and have a nice vacation in Singapore.

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