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Discussion in 'Singapore' started by lopezdevega, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. lopezdevega

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    hello, i've never being to Singapore before and im not sure what to make out of it. what's it like down there..?
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    hi there,

    Singapore is a vibrant and buzzing city. It has modern cityscapes, and beautiful tropical rain forests. Songapore features a mixed of cultures and influences that can be seen in streets such as Chinatown, Little India, Arab Street, Kampong Gelam, the Colonial District, and the popular Orchard Road shopping district.

    Shopping district is one of the highlights of any Singapore vacations and you can find there, exceptional amenities for fine culinary experiences, shopping, sightseeing, and fantastic nightlife.

    Singapore also offers educational historic spots, so if you are into history you will appreciate many old and unique buildings and a wonderful collection of museums that follow Singapore's history and success.

    Mosques and temples, from Chinese to Muslim, can also be found scattered around the country, and are wonderful attractions to explore during Singapore vacations.
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    Hi there

    Singapore is just great but don't go in the rainy months but the hotels and sights are just beautiful:)

    Hope that helps
  4. Andrew

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    Hi lopezdevega,

    Singapore is one of the best tourist places in the Asia and packed with plenty things to do from night safari to sentosa beaches. I have visited Singapore many times and even just 2 months back I had 2 weeks Singapore vacation with my family. Some of the top attractions that make me to have Sinapore vacation again and again are - the underwater world in Sentosa Island, Universal studios, Jurong bird park, Snow city and Botanical gardens.

    The Singapore Night Safari is one of the most popular attractions that you should not miss during your Singapore vacation. It is an open air zoo which only opens at 7:30pm everyday and can be explored by tram or by walk. The underwater world which is in Sentosa Island is a large and amazing oceanarium which consists of a huge range of ocean creatures, may be 250 species from around the region. Jurong bird park is also a open-concept park, a home for over 9, 000 colorful birds. The nicer area of this park is the waterfall aviary, here you can see more than 1,500 free flying African birds.

    If you like to do shopping at the end of your Singapore vacation, then concentrate on Orchard road, it has big shopping centres, restaurants, fast-food outlets and several cafes. Little India and China Town are also some of the best shopping places in Singapore.

    Hope this helps and have a nice vacation in Singapore :)
  5. beefeater24

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    Singapore! I love the hawker food there :Wan Tan Mee, Fried Kway Tiao, Hainanese Chicken Chicken Rice,Singapore Chilly/Black Pepper Crabingapore ,Fish Head Curry.......just can't get enough!
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    It is very nice

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