Sint Maarten--the Dutch side of the island

Discussion in 'St. Martin' started by wanderer, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. wanderer

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    So has anyone spent time on the Dutch side, the south of the island? I know that it's a lot quieter than Saint Martin. I'd love to get your opinion and details about what here is to do there.
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    Sint Maarten

    I have and I can suggest that if you do go to St Maarten that you don't do all-inclusive. The island isn't meant for that especially with the beaches and restaurants. There are lots of big resorts, casinos in St Maarten if that's what you're looking for. I personally think you get the real flavor of the island on the french side. Also, the crime rate on both sides really isn't much different than the other Caribbean islands.
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    Sint Maarten best area

    the Dawn Beach area is very nice because it is a residential area with two hotels on either end of the beach. The Westin Hotel on one end and Oyster Bay Resort on the other end. The dawn beach area is also about 20 minutes away from Philispburg. There are some restaurants right in the area that are very nice but the area is more isolated and quiet in general.There are some very nice villas there.
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    That's great advice. It makes perfect sense to skip the all-inclusive option if there are great restaurants around.
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    where to stay in St Maarten

    I like both sides of St. Maarten/St. Martin since you'll find lost of nightclubs and amenities for tourists, but if you're going to St Maarten for adult entertainment you'll find the more adult entertainment centers on the Simpson Bay side of St. Maarten, where you can watch exotic dancers. The Platinum Room in the Maho Village is a good place for an erotic show by exotic dancers from around the world.

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