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Discussion in 'Bahrain' started by EtroAnime, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Sorry for posting here...there's no Kuwait forum. My question is about safety in Kuwait? I can't find much out online apart from government sites, which I dont trust much. I was hoping someone who has been to Kuwait lately could tell me the situation there and whether it's safe for tourists to travel there. Can anybody shed any light?..Thanks
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    What do the official government sites say about Kuwait because I was there only 4 months ago? As far as i know, Kuwait is as safe as Saudi Arabia in the sense that crime rate is low and tourists are very welcome. I would go as far to say that Kuwait is Saudia Arabia's little brother as they practice the same strict laws like no alcohol, no bikinis and are very Americanized (lots of US military over there and expats).
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    Kuwait is a safe

    I was too mesmerized by how similar Kuwait is to Saudia Arabia in terms of culture, relaxed attitudes to tourists, etc. there are night clubs and there are no strict dress codes for tourist to abide by so you can wear tank tops, flip-flops, etc; but not bikinis unless you are on the public beaches. People there are really easy going, open minded, and very keen on won't feel unsafe there. At least I didn't!

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