Six Flags New England adds swing ride

Discussion in 'Massachusetts' started by mitraveler, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. mitraveler

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    This summer, there will be a new way to swing to the skies at Six Flags New England. The newest ride coming to the park is slated to break records. The new swing ride should rise 400 feet in the air and then swing as fast as 40 mph. It's a great way to have fun and enjoy the scenery of the Connecticut River and the rest of Six Flags New England.
  2. Vagabonde

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    Six Flags screamer

    they call it the sky screamer and all six flags park have this ride now. All you get is two chain links, a seatbelt and one small wire to hold you in. This ride is scary as helllll
  3. typical-situation2

    typical-situation2 New Member

    is the sky screamer safe?

    I like rides but this one somehow does not appeal to me....what if the chains break? the rides looks flimsy....don't know about others but i'll give this ride a miss for a while to assess its safety.

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