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Discussion in 'Ski Areas' started by jalieoliver, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. jalieoliver

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    hey guys,

    We want to enjoy a ski vacation this year for the first time but not sure about equipment needed. What ski equipment advice can you give me?

    what are the most important things things when it comes to ski equipment?
  2. Jenna

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    hello Jalie,

    I think when it comes to ski equipment, ski boots are the most important piece of equipment because if the boots are too big, you will find it harder to make turns and end up hurting your feet.

    As a rule of thumb, you want your ski boot to fit tightly so wear thin performance-level socks because they're designed to help ski boots fit better.

    Ski poles are also very important, and you basically want to buy ones that come up to your elbow so, you will have optimal control over the poles.
  3. chatdawson2

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    buy the right ski boots

    when buying ski boots be sure to buy the right ones to feet your feet. It doesn't always mean getting the right size number. The way to know how a ski boot should fit is when the ski boot feels comfortable and snug. When you flex your knees forward, your heel should stay in the heel pocket.

    By the way, it's all right to feel the front of the boot, as long as your toes pull away a bit from the shell when the boot is buckled and your knees are flexed.

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