Ski Resorts Closed in Switzerland

Discussion in 'Switzerland' started by krainey, Dec 1, 2011.

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    If you're planning a ski vacation in Switzerland, keep an eye on the forecast: Because November was a relatively dry month, several of the resorts have had to push back their opening dates. The first weekend in December is the traditional start of the ski season, and resorts have brought in snow cannons to try and get the slopes ready, though it's warm enough in some areas that the snow isn't sticking.

    That said, Switzerland does have a lot of really excellent ski resorts, such as St Moritz and Abelboden, so while you should watch the weather, don't skip this destination if it's on your list of places to go in 2012. There are plenty of resorts that aren't having issues with their snowfall and are on schedule to open as usual.
  2. icansee34

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    ski resorts Closed in europe

    It's not only Swiss resorts since their French, Italian and Austrian neighbors are also getting no snow...I guess it's bad news for some of these ski resorts, but it's superb news for tourists if you ask me since right now im seeing fantastic offers (almost 50% off)
  3. shaslikjhon

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    good time to travel to Switzerland

    i agree with the last poster that it's good news for holidaymakers..I hear that Davos ski resort is offering a complimentary ski lift pass with each hotel reservation. Also, at Crans Montana the tourism office is offering big reductions on overnight stays.
  4. wanderer

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    Europe had some really wild winter weather earlier this year, so maybe we will get lots of snow after New Year's. They had snow as far south as Southern Italy!
  5. kolopanir

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    snow in south of Italy

    that's right! the south of Italy has been hit by an unusual cold spell bringing ice and even snow. So my guess is that id Switzerland doesn't have any snow you could go to places like Sicily for skiing vacation.
  6. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    It's early yet. Winter doesn't officially begin for a few more weeks. There's still plenty of time for the snow to come at Christmas and beyond.
  7. guesswhat?

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    Switzerland to suffer driest snow year

    swiss resorts are fighting a losing battle...they're firing up their snow cannons in an effort to put some artificial white on the pistes, but even the best Swiss snow engineering are struggling because temperatures are too high. t's sad but Switzerland is on track to suffer one of its three driest years on record.
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    snow finally arrived in Switzerland

    just wanted to update everyone: it has been huge snowfalls over New Years Eve and New Years Day with some resorts receiving a metre of fresh snow within 2 days. Snowfall has slowed a little now but resorts are still reporting 20-30cm falls across Switzerland and bigger falls are expected again towards the end of the week.
  9. BilleiJean

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    too much snow in Switzerland

    hey moviemagic...Im hearing ski resorts in Switzerland have been forced to close as a result of too much snow..isn't that ironic? They couldn't open before because of lack of snow and now they have too much (lol). Sounds like mother-nature is having a laugh!
  10. moviemagic

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    avalanche risk in Switzerland

    yeah, I heard! I was going to update this today... apparently it isn't just metres of snow but high winds and stormy conditions. Ski resorts have to close because of the danger of avalanches.
  11. GeronimoD

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    line shut between Martigny and Chamonix

    tell me about! first now snow and now bucket loads...I've been checking and it seems as the eastern part of Switzerland received the most snow, though most parts of the Alps have about a meter high snow (omg). if anyone's planning to travel around there be in the know that the line between the villages of Martigny in canton Valais and Chamonix in France is shut right now.
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    terrible sbow in Switzerland

    I was in tignes ski resort last week and the snow on wednesday and thursday was terrible with only a handful of ski lifts open so that the resort could avoid giving refunds on ski passes. The road out of the valley was closed due to avalanches. We flew out on friday morning and Im glad we did because noone can fly out now.. i think we were lucky to get out when we did.
  13. shallowloagoon

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    protests in the Swiss Alp

    it seems Switzerland is going through a bit of turmoil..first no snow, then too much snow and now protests. Swiss soldiers seemed to have even drafted in along with police to stop demonstrators fighting the elites there. anyone heard?
  14. makeme45

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    Occupy the World Economic Forum

    hey shallowlagoon..there aren't just random's basically an Occupy movement similar to the ones in the this case, it's Occupy the World Economic Forum, which is an annual meeting head in Davos by the elites like Cameron, Sarkozy, etc. Occupiers are trying to gatecrash this meeting though the soldiers and police are proving a tough cookie to crack!

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