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    we're planning to hit the slopes in Switzerland and I am wondering about the slopes there..does anyone know if the ski slope rating system in the states is the same in Europe, or internationally for that matter?
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    hello Alphamail,

    As far as I know there isn't an international ski slope rating system, as each ski area determines their own classification system and the trails will be rated to other slopes nearby.

    However, the rating chart is still similar in Europe so, a ski slope with a black diamond rating would be the most difficult slope.

    A green circle rating is still regarded as the easiest slopes for beginners, while the blue square would mean an intermediate slope level.

    In Europe, the system is somewhat different. While the trails are marked by the same color, the shapes may or may not be used. Green is still the easiest, followed by blue and black as the difficulty increases.
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    This is a great question. According to Wikipedia, the European system is different than in America.

    Blue typically means an easy trail. Red is next, a bit steeper and more narrow. Black is for experts, and these trails may or may not be groomed. Orange is even more challenging. You might find a yellow trail, which would be the same as the black trails in the U.S.

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