Skiing and Tanning

Discussion in 'Arizona' started by Kim, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Kim

    Kim New Member

    Does anyone know a destination that is only an hour from skiing and an hour from 90 degree weather?
  2. herface67

    herface67 New Member

    tanning while skiing

    That's an odd question. Can I ask why you ask that? By the way, you don't really need 90 degrees to get a tan. You can get a tan while skiing almost anywhere, even while it's freezing. Just ask anyone who has gone skiing. You only need the sun to be out, you don't need the heat;)
  3. imaginede

    imaginede New Member

    that's right! You can even get a tan on a cloudy day without even knowing it. I got tanned (almost burnt) in just 10 degree temperature by just being out on a boat with friends. As it turn out, it's not the actual sun rays that tan you but the UV rays, which the clouds apparently don't block.
  4. HHH2

    HHH2 New Member

    most people think that sun tan cream is just for the beach but as a skier you also need it when skiing. Don't be fool by the overcast and cloudy conditions. Even though your body is covered, you need to apply sun lotion to your face and neck areas to prevent burning.
  5. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    Northern Arizona does get some snow, so there are a few places to go snowing, mainly up in the mountains. Then it's a couple of hours to the desert...where you can get your sun on. Look around Flagstraff for skiing in the wintertime.
  6. staceybrown281

    staceybrown281 New Member

    I love to have a tan-skin. And also I love skiing. I skied last winter and the sun was shinning very hard and i get tanned.

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