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    We're looking to book a winter vacation in Norway with the main purpose of im thinking what your thoughts are on skiing in Norway?
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    hi there,

    A winter sky vacation is a great way to experience Norway and there is excellent skiing resorts there. In fact, Norway, has more than 200 alpine ski resorts and the most popular ones are Hemsedal, Geilo, Hafjell and Trysil.

    Norway offers great opportunities for both cross-country and alpine skiing, where you can enjoy the peaceful scenery and lovely wildlife.

    The only thing to be aware is that winter vacations are very popular there amongst Norwegians so be sure to book your cabin or accommodation in advance.
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    tips for skiing in Norway

    The largest and most popular ski resorts in Norway are Trysil, Hemsedal, Geilo and Hafjell. Trysil ski resort is the most popular since it's located in Oslo, though I would also suggest staying at the Hafjell ski resort since it is easily accessible from Oslo Gardermoen airport. Another thing I'd say regarding skiing in Norway is that it's best you book everything flights and cabin stay at the resort yourself. Package deals are very pricey and don't offer value for money in my opinion.

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