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Discussion in 'Flights' started by megatron2, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. megatron2

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    hey guys, im trying to figure out how to use skyscanner interface, and im having trouble using it...does anyone know how to make a multi city booking with skyscanner?
  2. Mr.joha

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    skyscanner multi city flights

    Skyscanner does not currently offer a multi-city search option but apparently they are planning on implementing one soon (don't know when). At the moment you'll have do separate one way searches, which can be a little frustrating. I've used Travelocity, which lets you do multi-city routes, but I'd still stick with Skyscanner as it offers the cheapest flights.

  3. d360

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    Mr. joha,

    The cheapest flight link you point to: cheapest flights. Is more of a directory page for navigation. The tool I'd recommend using is in the upper right of that page and almost all pages on Destination360. The booking widget allows you to check several suppliers by entering your trip information in once.

    btw: I like skyscanner! its great for europe travel.

    Happy Travels.
  4. megatron2

    megatron2 New Member

    Tickets booked for the 8th of Nov and vacuum bags at the ready! :)..thank you folks!

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