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  1. Hi,

    how about some nice impressions of Germany?
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    Thanks for sharing your links with us. Have you traveled to Germany or do you live there?
    It would be great to hear some of your experiences and recommendations.
  3. Actually I come from Erfurt, a really wonderful city in eastern Germany, and living in Nuremberg, Bavaria.
    I think Germany is a nice country which has got so much to see but we noticed that it's not represented in the web. You find not much information in english and good quality pictures about our country - That's what we are working on right now - traveling through Germany, exploring places we have never been, taking pictures and back home, developing our platform to show how nice it can be ;-)
    Our favourite places till now are the beaches of the Baltic Sea, the Saxon Switzerland and Potsdam, a great city near to Berlin. Those and many other places will be online soon!

    Hope you step by... ;-)
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    I can't say I've ever heard of Erfurt but I've heard great things about Berlin most of my time has been spent in Central and Southern Germany. Yes I stopped by your site. It has a good beginning and look forward to seeing when you have some more content. As you must know good content is hard to create. Best of luck to you and your venture!

    Keep us posted on your travels and be sure to include some written descriptions of your travels and not just links.

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    Thank-you for the link to the pictures of the German Castles. I have always loved castle and toured some of the ones featured on the web page (all be it many moons ago). I think Germany has some of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe.


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