smoking banned on virgin island beaches

Discussion in 'US Virgin Islands' started by wanderer, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. wanderer

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    Many people visit the beach for the cool breezes and fresh air. And in the Virgin Islands, they mean really fresh. It isn't every beach on the islands, just 12 park service beaches on the island of St. John. Doees this make you more excited or hesitant to visit the St. John beaches?
  2. niceboyfloyd

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    USVI bans smoking at protected beaches

    Apparently, the smoking ban covers cigars and pipes as well as cigarettes and is enforced from within 15 metres of the shoreline. My question is why USVI and not all US beaches?
  3. 5more2go

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    Re: USVI bans smoking at protected beaches

    it totally sounds like a "hidden agenda" of some sort. They say the ban was approved to eliminate secondhand smoke and reduce the number of cigarette butts tossed on beaches. by the way, cigarette buds aren't the only crap tossed on beaches...
  4. medalOfHonor1

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    Just so you know that the smoking ban in USVI hasn't got any legal weight...they have just imposed a “voluntary compliance†policy, which is how how the park service will enforce the ban for now until the public becomes more aware that smoking is prohibited on USVI beaches.
  5. Vicolette

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    One of the most painful experiences I had at a local Florida beach was stepping on a still lit cig butt that someone couldn't be bothered putting out before tossing. Not pleasant. IMO, I think everyone should be able to enjoy fresh air without worrying about second hand smoke. No butts on the beach is one less bit of litter that can only be positive for the environment that in turn helps the wildlife, fish and birds. If necessary, have a designated "smoking area only" with smoking receptacles for the butts.

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