snorkeling and zip lining

Discussion in 'Hawaii' started by lappyHolmes, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. lappyHolmes

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    Both Maui and the Big Island are two of my favorite places to snorkel. Maui is very beautiful;while the Big Island has a stunning lava rock landscape but in all the Big Island has the clearest waters and most of the zip lines in Hawaii. The Umauma Falls Zipline tour is one of the's a only short drive from Hilo.
  2. illusinosyr

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    Zip lines are on every island so you can zip line just about anywhere in Hawaii. However, my vote for zip lining goes for the stunning Na Pali coast in Kauai. Tour companies there offer both zip lining and snorkeling tours.
  3. PinkFloyd99

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    I love snorkeling in Hawaii...I suggest going to Makaha Beach (35 miles northwest of Honolulu) in Oahu as it has clear, aqua blue water with little current. There are underwater caverns, arches, and tunnels as deep as 40 feet and you can see a ton of marine life like taape, octopuses, etc.

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