Snorkeling at Pilar Beach

Discussion in 'Cuba' started by VacationBuddy, Dec 6, 2013.

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    I know Cuba has some great beaches for snorkelling so why do I love Pilar Beach the best? The beach is so picturesque and boasts white sands, crystal clear waters and no sea-weed. Best of all, you will see lots of different types of colorful fish and huge starfish. If you're based in Melia, Cayo Coco just take the bus from there to Pilar Beach, it will only cost 5 CUC each return.
  2. weeehe

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    Playa Pilar is great...I too loved the snorkelling there plus the lobster lunch I had at the beach bar there (I think I paid about for 15 CUC for it). The only drawback is that dogs are allowed though luckily there is no car access there.
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    snorkeling in Cuba

    i've never been to Pilar beach so I cant comment on it but i have been to Jibacoa where i did some of the best snorkeling ever in the Caribbean! There was great coral and plenty of fish life and i even saw lion fish for the first time:)
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    snorkeling at the Jibacoa reef

    No matter where you go in Cuba for snorkeling, make sure you do it without the expense or limitations of snorkeling boat tours. Preferably I would go snorkeling at the Jibacoa reef because it's really close to shore (about 100 meters from shore).

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