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    Snorkeling in Honduras comes down to Roatan or Utila. If you choose Roatan, the best spot for snorkeling is the entire shore of West Bay and at the Roatan Marine Park. Other than that, you are looking at Treasure Beach on the island of Utila, which boasts miles of virtually empty beach and coral reef starting 30' from shore. I would suggest Utila because is stunning, less crowded and more private.
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    I should point out that Roatan is one of the largest barrier reef in the world and the best place for snorkelling hands down. It’s just a matter of stepping off the sand and into the sea, though you can easily hire a boat to take you offshore to West Bay Beach, Half Moon Bay and Valley of the Kings... three of the best snorkeling sites in Roatan Island.
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    Renting Snorkeling Gear in Roatan

    If you plan to snorkel in Roatan I suggest renting snorkel gear at the Roatan Marine Park Eco Store in West End. The cost is just $5 for 24 hours and proceeds go to helping maintain marine conservation efforts on the island. Alternatively, your resort or boat driver should also be able to rent snorkel gear.

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