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Discussion in 'China' started by cardomna, Jan 22, 2013.

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    I'm a solo traveler heading to Chengdu and would like to explore areas outside of Chengdu like Kangding since I am really interested in experiencing Tibetan culture. From Chengdu to Kangding, how easy is it to take the bus and is Kangding an easy place to get around? Also, is it a problem if I only speak English? thanks for any input guys!!!
  2. Berlinfg

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    As a solo traveler in China you really can't getaway with knowing English. Many Chinese speak English in Beijing and the other major cities but in places like Chengdu and Kangding you're always going to run into issues if you don't speak basic mandarin.
  3. TeamAmer

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    Getting to Kangding from Chengdu

    Getting to Kangding from Chengdu is fairly easy...just need to catch the bus from Xianamen bus station or Chengdu Tourism Distributing Center. the whole trip takes about 8 hours trip (depending on the road conditions) but the scenery along the way makes it worthwhile;) oh btw, buy your return ticket back to Chengdu when you arrive in Kanding (don't leave it to the last minute before you leave Chengdu or you may not find seats that day).
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    you'll find that speaking english in china or most parts of the world won't get you very far nowadays, especially if you're looking for bargains. Maybe Beijing and Hong Kong is ok if you only know english, but honestly, how come you going all the way out t Chengdu by yourself to experience Tibetan culture? why not go to Tibet?

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