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    Solomon island takes about 90 minutes drive from Washington DC and 2 hours from Baltimore and the island is linked by the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge. As far as things to see/do there is a cool marine museum and sculpture park (Calvert Museum and Annmarie Garden) as well as a stunning boardwalk (Riverwalk boardwalk) along the Patuxent River that offers nice waterfront views.
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    From the White House to the Light House

    there aren’t any actual beaches in Solomons town though the there's a nice beach-like vibe there. The island is super tiny but charming with lots of B&Bs and independently-run restaurants. Getting there from the white house is a straight shot down Pennsylvania Avenue/ Route 4, even during the weekend rush hour.
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    Calvert museum is truly a gem and joy to visit as it is fun and full of interesting education. There is also a lighthouse which is open to the public for tours and that is also interesting if you're curious to know about the life of a lighthouse keeper. After that, it's also a good idea to take a ride from that lighthouse onto the bay to enjoy the beauty of the coast line and the wonderful bridge.

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