Some thoughts about French Polynesia

Discussion in 'Tahiti' started by gruposd212, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Here it's some thoughts....Unlike places such as Australia and New Zealand, there isn't really an "off" season in French Polynesia, but if you want to find cheaper airfares is best you travel from Nov thru Mar (hot and rainy months).

    As far as tourists, you will find mostly Americans in French Polynesia rather than Aussies or Europeans, which means hotel chains are geared towards US tastes and expectations.
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    flying to French Polynesia

    French Polynesia is perfect for honeymooners...I wished I had mine there 5 years ago. Nevertheless, FP is fantastic, though flights are getting more and more expensive every year. Talking about advice is to fly to Hawaii rather than have a layover in LA. Hawaii is nicer as a stop ever and much prefer to hop on a Hawaiian airlines flight.
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    French Polynesia ain't cheap

    I can tell you one thing and that is French Polynesia ain't cheap. You can expect to pay at least $50 for a hostel stay and double that in a hotel. Those picture perfect over the water bungalows cost $300-400 per night. Luckily transportation in the island is not too bad....a bus ticket costs around $2.
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    This is my dream, It's the first place I say when someone asks where would you go if money were no object. In my mind, I'm at a fancy resort in Tahiti soaking up the sun. Then I look at my bank account. ;)

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