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Discussion in 'California' started by davidrickon, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. davidrickon

    davidrickon New Member

    The most memorable and surprising tour you are going to have in my opinion it's a limo tour.
  2. sandas3211

    sandas3211 New Member

    Napa also offers great lovely views such as the scenic drive on Highway 29. Driving a car and doing your own Napa wine tours allows you to spend as much time as you like in the tasting rooms of Napa wineries.
  3. Divaa

    Divaa New Member

    try hot air ballooning

    Driving independently throughout napa, sonoma is great but if you plan to do winery tours, it's best to hire a driver, book a winery tour, limo tour, etc. A limo tour can be really expensive but if you're a party of 5-6 people it works out ok. Other than driving, I suggest hot air ballooning to enjoy the aerial views of napa valley. (oh btw, remember that you need to book appointments in advance with the wineries).
  4. happynewyear

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    hot air balloon tour is a memorable experience

    why? what's so memorable about a limo tour? I personally recommend the hot air balloon option if you want a memorable experience. There's nothing memorable about being in a limo (unless if it's hammer limo) and I feel is so overrated. You can do a limo tour anytime, but how many times will the opportunity to be on a hot air balloon present itself?

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