Sopot Pier

Discussion in 'Poland' started by Vicolette, Oct 31, 2013.

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    After watching The Amazing Race last week, I had to look up one of the locations in Poland featured on the show. The Sopot Pier is built of wood and the longest in Europe. The pier draws thousands of people each year to this favorite Baltic health resort to enjoy all the area has to offer along with stunning views from the end of the pier.
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    longest wooden pier in Europe

    Yep, it is the longest wooden pier in Europe and the views you can get from there are amazing... on a sunny, clear day you can see the coast side from Gdynia up to Gdansk. My only complaint about this pier is that you have to pay but it's only a couple of euros though.
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    Sopot Pier day trip

    Sopot is a good ol' fashioned pier. Like the last poster says, there is an entrance fee but helps towards the upkeep of the pier but it is worth it because of the lovely views back to the beach and Sopot. Try adding this place in your itinerary as it makes for a great day trip!

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